About us

Why did we create the soft little Tikki Shoes?

The soft soled leather shoes are the result of our acute need as parents: our 1 year old baby started to walk, and we had no idea what to use for him at home – the socks would slip on the floor, the tile floor would be too cold to let him walk barefoot, and almost every shoe we used to put on him, he would quickly take off. Due to the absence of an appropriate product on the Romanian market, we ordered from the U.S. one pair of soft soled baby shoes which proved to be a total success!

A lot of Romanian parents make their children wear rigid shoes at home, very high on the ankle and with an arch support, but they don't realize that such shoes prevent natural foot development, and cause a major discomfort when worn for a long period of time.

Pediatricians from the U.S. and Western Europe recommend for indoor activities a shoe that is as comfortable and natural as possible. It would be ideal for the kids to walk barefoot, but unfortunately this is impossible, as they should be protected from cold or rough surfaces.


Soft soled leather shoes are, therefore, ideal for the kids who learn to walk, as they promote a good balance and unrestricted growth. The children perfectly grasp the floor, due to the ultra-flexible sole which bends very easily. Moreover, their bright and attractive models make children love them and accept them without a problem.


The soft soled leather shoes are also practical and delightful for older children who are already walking, as they have the same feeling of freedom as walking barefoot. They can be permanently worn indoors, and occasionally outdoors, they keep warm in winter and allow the feet to breathe in hot summer weather.


Tikki Shoes® can be hand washed up to 40º. We only use natural leather and we try to provide the most diversified and attractive design, for the babies and their parents to love them.


We are the proud manufacturers of this footwear in Timişoara, Romania!


For additional information, we are available from Mondays to Fridays, 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at: info@tikki.ro or by phone: +40.736.618.108


Tikki Shoes® is registered trademark of SC Mini Mondo SRL.


Our office is in Timişoara, Timis county, the company being registered with the Trade Register under number J35/4354/26.11.2007, fiscal code RO22810326.