Why Tikki Shoes?

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Why do children love being barefoot?

How many parents face the problem of children who won't wear anything?

Why should we let the kids go barefoot as much as possible?


Here are some reasons why Tikki Shoes are so easily accepted by children of all ages:

1.      Manufactured entirely of natural leather, they are extremely soft and lightweight (about 100g), children do not feel them up! The ultra-flexible sole perfectly mimics the natural movements of the feet, which is very important especially for the first steps, and for older children means comfort..

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2.      The sole is highly flexible but protective and waterproof at the same time, being composed of 2 layers: 

- an outer layer - TPU (similar to rubber) anti-skid, flexible, 1 mm thick 

- an inside layer of thick 2-2.5 vegetable tanned leather


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3.      They are adjustable - Velcro closure make them wider or thinner depending on each child's ankle.


4.      Attractive design - we constantly create funny, colorful designs that would make children curious and delighted to wear the shoes. The design is facing the child especially to be admired by him/her.


5.   No slipping - our "Barefoot" shoes have a TPU outsole (thermoplastic polyurethane), suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, being anti skid on slippery surfaces, abrasion resistant and easy to clean (wash with a wet towel). The shoes can be used without problems on sensitive surfaces as they don't leave black marks similar to rubber soles.

6.   Perfect for kindergarden - easy to put on, no laces to tie, the soles are waterproof, soft, comfortable, children can wear them for hours without having affected their natural feet development or feel restrained in any way. Moreover, the shoes are made of a single layer of leather (unlined) with holes for better ventilation, thus reducing perspiration, especially for children who sweat more than usual.


7.      Ideal for the first steps! Children who try their first steps have the greatest need to experience more direct contact with the floor, because it gives confidence and courage to walk faster. Only this type of soft soled leather shoes gives children the impression of going barefoot while offering them protection and natural foot development!





And yet, why do children prefer to walk barefoot?

Worldwide, specialist doctors recommend barefoot walking as the best way to ensure a normal healthy development of growing feet. Why is it so important for kids to walk bare foot, especially at their first steps? 

·                     The baby's foot is not a miniature version of an adult foot. Actually it hardly contains bones, it rather consists of cartilage that will ossify in a few years, resulting the 28 bones which make up the adult foot.  

·                     At birth, the ankle is malleable. It strenghtens over time and gets the right position especially when the baby is standing. By walking free, unsupported, the ankle takes over every bump and becomes stronger.

·                     When walking barefoot, a child does not use only muscles and feet, but also toes to grasp the ground for a better balance. This is not possible in a rigid shoe.

·                     Through direct contact with the ground, the child receives information that prevents him from frequently stopping and looking down - which would reduce the balance and would make him fall.

·                     Walking barefoot helps forming the plantar arch (arch) and contributes to a good posture.

·                     When the foot is shoed, the heel is the one absorbing the soil impact energy, energy transmitted to the spine. This does not happen with bare feet, because this energy is distributed all over the foot.

·                     Although it is assumed that different types of defects (talus valgus, X standing, walking on toes, etc.) could be corrected by wearing rigid shoes, many recent studies have removed these myths and show how going barefoot is actually the one who corrects these small variations of childhood.

·                     And last, but not least, walking barefoot is a great reflexology therapy (by direct contact with various surfaces like rocks, sand, grass).

Unfortunately, we live in a modern society where contact with natural areas is not possible anymore: we are surrounded by asphalt, cement, ceramic, not only slippery surfaces - but cold and unfriendly. Therefore we still need to protect children's delicate feet by giving them footwear as close to natural !


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